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Dr. Ada Emmerich (Otacon) is, for all intents and purposes, a female version of Dr. Hal Emmerich from the Metal Gear Solid series. There may be some differences in personality (and, naturally, physical appearance), but consider her to be exactly the same person - but female.

Otacon's canon point is one year after the events of Metal Gear Solid 2.

Standing at 177 cm with a rather lithe frame, Otacon is a taller than average woman with just enough muscle to make it through the day.

She has medium-long gray hair- she's been going gray since she was a teenager- which she doesn't normally spend much time maintaining. It's lucky if it gets a brush through a day, if that.

There are no tattoos or any unusual markings on her to speak of.

She keeps her fashion (if you could call it that) rather simple- a turtleneck sweater and jeans in colder days, and a t-shirt and jeans for hotter climes. And these clothes need not necessarily be clean, either- if it doesn't smell, it's alright with her. On occasions where she finds herself going out, she'll wear her old lab coat- she obtained it at Shadow Moses, and it's rather comfortable- why throw it away?

Finally, she wears glasses- the woman is terribly near-sighted (almost to the point of complete blindness for anything a foot or more away from her ). She doesn't wear contacts as even the sensitive ones make her eyes rather uncomfortable.

Otacon is a soft-spoken, timid person. She tends to keep to herself, more often than not, and you can often find her on her computer. Or, if not her computer, it'll be a video game, or watching an anime- in other words, your stereotypical "geek". This belies her other traits, however- the woman is a technological genius, and tends to stick around her machines.

She finds it difficult to interact with most people, since they're "so illogical", and holds a fond love of computers and robots, which goes along with her other love of Japanese Animation. In fact, her alias is derived from the annual Otakon (Otaku Convention), of which she was a regular participant of. It was this love of animation- sci-fi and mecha genres in particular- that gave her an optimistic inspiration and drive to help create new beneficial technologies and innovations for society with her genius, which was also reinforced with a sense of responsibility and level-headed perspective, especially during her experience with the Shadow Moses Incident.

Otacon has a habit of pushing up her glasses when she's nervous- or pleased.

She tends to have a certain sense of intellectual hubris, especially when it comes to topics she knows about, and will gladly give information about anything questioned on (often times at great length if it's a topic she especially loves)- much to the dismay of others.

She has a strong sense of morality, despite her past- she firmly stands up for what she knows is right, and can be rather stubborn in moving away from that ideal unless you have hard proof saying otherwise.

Despite her feelings towards people as a whole, she makes attachments to individuals very quickly. Once she's gauged that you are a "good guy", she'll stay by your side no matter what- issues of common sense aside, of course.

Otacon also tends to have a deep sense of guilt- her actions in the past and present alike. Should she fail at something, she'll beat himself up rather harshly about it. Along those lines, she will step up and take responsibility for her actions (or lack thereof), and do everything she can to rectify the situation. She tries to atone for her sins, no matter how small.

While highly intelligent, her wisdom leaves something to be desired. For example: she seems to have a difficult time interpreting proverbs.

As mentioned, Otacon is a technological genius- having a Ph.D in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering helps to prove that point. Given the bare amount of tools and enough time, she can build whatever her and her friends need to survive. Otacon also has enough skill to repair (or at least do a patch job/jury rig) on most technology out there- elevators, computers, cars/bikes, you name it.

Having traveled together with Snake for some time, she's also learned to be very adapt with first aid. Although she's somewhat squeamish when it comes to major injuries, she knows quite a bit about how to repair human bodies as well, making her very adaptable in missions for support purposes.

Along with her handiwork with tools, Otacon is an amazing hacker. Give her a few moments, and she can hack her way in - or out, if need be- any system in the world. She tends to navigate through computers and networks as a fish moves through water.

Unfortunately, Otacon is not the most physically capable person in the world- she can barely lift 30 lbs without straining herself. All the work and effort into broadening her mind hasn't been great on her body, and she's at a severe disadvantage with it comes to any physical contest- friendly or hostile. She was taught by Snake on how to use a tranq gun, but her aiming is terrible since her hands tend to shake (and she never remembers to bring the gun with her, anyway). This isn't to say that the woman won't try to defend herself should it come down to that- but she won't be especially effective.

Along those lines, she's something of a klutz. She will lose her balance from time to time, and will literally trip over her own feet if she's nervous enough.

She also has a difficult time controlling her fair; this is evidenced when she wet herself when confronted with the dangerous Gray Fox at Shadow Moses. While she's gotten somewhat better at handling it, it certainly isn't much. She's not a fighter, and will do what she can to leave safely from any sort of danger.

One very severe weakness is that she's loyal to a fault. Distrustful enough at first, should someone manage to win her loyalty (or affections), she will stick by them to the end. This is caused him some terrible problems in the past, but either she doesn't realize the reason why, or she chooses to aptly ignore it. Someone with this kind of knowledge could do some real damage via Otacon.

Glasses aside, she always carries her laptop when she's out and about- mostly for missions, but also to quickly gather information or jot down notes.

Depending on her circumstances, she also keeps a first aid kit with her. She's a bit protective like that.

There is one other item that Otacon keeps close to her- Snake's dog tags. They were given to her by Snake shortly after the Big Shell incident- she was told to hold onto them as "insurance". Otacon's not quite sure what that means- and she hasn't gotten the courage to ask just yet- so she keeps them around her neck, hidden underneath the layers of clothing.